Two couples in Good Beer Spa Brussels


Relax in our wide tubs serving your own beer from the tap.


The room is always private, your beer unlimited.


Your bath will be freshly filled with a mix of water, beer, hops, malt, and brewer’s yeast


Air massage in the ofuro enhances relaxation.


Unlimited access to draft beer ‘Baptist’ during your session: the tap is next to you!


Order a session for 1 to 6 people for 1 hour, in 1, 2 or 3 tubs.

Why a beer spa

We welcome you to Good Beer Spa, located in Brussels, Belgium, the beer country by excellence.

Come take a relaxing bubble bath in our original ofuro, alone or with your partner and/or friends.

A beer bath is a healthy experience! After all, beer is rich in active enzymes and vitamins, especially in vitamin B. It softens the skin and gives the hair an extra shine. In addition, a beer bath refreshes the body and mind, improves circulation, and removes toxins.

Bierspa met Baptist

The Tubs

The bathtubs are ofuros. These are baths of Japanese origin. They are suitable for two people to sit upright, as they are 1.90 m long and 1 m wide. They have two seats each.

Air massage is also provided in the ofuro as an extra relaxing element.

Only the outside is made of wood. For reasons of hygiene, the inside is synthetic, which makes it perfect to clean. Hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities in the beer spa.

Bierspa met Baptist

The beer

Thanks to our partner Brouwerij Van Steenberge, we can offer a fantastically beautiful beer during your beer wellness – to bathe in and to tap unlimited during your beer spa experience.

Serving beer in the beerspa

Baptist is the name of the original founder of the brewery in 1784. It is a clear beer of high fermentation, slightly bitter, full-bodied with a soft aftertaste, and 5% alcohol by volume. The beer won a silver medal at the World Beer Challenge 2019!

Baptist logo

The Beer Spa Experience

For each session, the wooden tubs are filled with freshly poured water at body temperature. In your bath, barley malt, hops and yeast are added. Because these ingredients have a high concentration of vitamins (especially B), minerals, and essential oils, they benefit your skin and hair. The water has a nice herbal scent – you will smell nice after your session!

Two people fit in each wooden bathtub. The tubs are equipped with air jets, adding extra relaxation to your muscles. The Good Beer Spa awaits you with 3 ofuro per room, meaning we can welcome max. 6 persons at once. There are 2 rooms available.

While bathing in the beer spa, you can pull yourself as many pints of beer as you wish from the taps situated on the side of the tubs! ‘Baptist’ is a Belgian beer of the highest quality, 5% alc. vol.

Soaking in a healthy herbal bath while drinking delicious Belgian beer is not only amazingly refreshing, it totally relieves stress. It’s simply 45 minutes of pure relaxation! And do not forget the mood uplift it generates!

A session takes 1 hour: 10 minutes to welcome you in the room and give explanations, 45 minutes to soak in the bathtubs, and 5 minutes to get dressed again.

Hygiene is extremely important to us: before and after each session, we clean the ofuro thoroughly with an alcohol-based solution.

In your beer bath, barley malt, hops and yeast are added to benefit your skin!