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So you love beer and city life? You are visiting Brussels for a vacation. I don’t blame you. Brussels is one of the most beautiful European cities; it’s also home to many great pubs, bars, cafes, and breweries. It is no surprise that this famous city has several renowned craft beer bars that know how to bring out their beers without destroying the flavor of good beer. To help you discover this incredible beer bar culture. We’ve put together a list of the best nightlife cafes or pubs that serve delicious beers at reasonable prices in Brussels.

Places To Discover Best Nightlife For A Beer Lover In Brussels

1.    La Porte Noire

One of the best Brussels beer bars for a global beer lover is located in the heart of Brussels. La Porte Noire has been around for ages and has been serving beautiful beers since then. It’s a must-visit at any given opportunity! It’s no secret that this place has a lot of history and shows — both inside and out. This pub provides an above-par experience right from the moment you enter its doors!

La Porte Noire is the ideal venue to end a fine evening in Brussels. A place where one can drink some craft beers and enjoy some live music simultaneously. This place is a must-visit if you are a beer lover or want to have a good time with friends and family.

2. La Brocante

If you’re looking for a place in Brussels filled with craft beer and live music, you should check out La Brocante. Located at the heart of the fantastic Jeu de Balle flea market. People from all over the city enjoy quality music from several local and international acts. Some exciting beers are being sold here. There is always an event going on every month – such as pub quizzes, DJ nights, and other activities based around beer (trust me – it’s worth trying them out).

Its cobbled streets are bustling with customers who enjoy tasty foods sold here and delicious beers. The music played is livid – traditional jazz and blues melodies taking over the customers.

3. Moeder Lambic

If you love craft beers and are looking forward to a night spent in Brussels, this is the place you should visit. Near the Grand Place, Moeder Lambic bar offers a wide selection of Belgian beers, including some rarer varieties. The staff is well trained and will be happy to help you choose your favorite beer because these people know their stuff.

You can also take your time to get acquainted with the place. It has been designed with comfort in mind to stay as long as you want and still enjoy yourself thoroughly. Tucked away in a quiet street, Moeder Lambic serves up more than 100 kinds of the finest craft beers in Brussels. Each bottle is carefully selected and served with love in this beautiful space.

4. A La Mort Subite

There is no better place for a beer lover than A la Mort Subite. It does not just serve Belgian beers. They also have an extensive collection of sour gueuze and lambics from around Europe and kegs of your favorite local beers. It has been around in Brussels since 1920, and its authenticity remains. Beer lovers will surely enjoy A La Mort Subite. It is located in the city’s heart and is just the perfect place to catch up with your friends and enjoy a cold glass of craft beer.

They have put great care into extracting the maximum taste from sweetened, fruity, and funky brews. This approach adds an extra dimension to the flavors found in these continental beverages. You’ll love the ambiance of this place, with its cozy yet elegant interiors.

5. The Sister

The Sister is one of those unique spots in Brussels that deserves a visit, even if you’re not into beer. Located centrally, with the Grand Place a short distance away, this is hands down one of the best pubs in Brussels. They have a comprehensive collection and tasting options so everyone can enjoy the selection. The menu is quite detailed, which will help you choose your choice of beers at this place.

They also do beer like some do wine – they focus on notes, flavors, and tastes. A classic, best known for its food and drinks. The Sister has seen several improvements over the last decade as it has grown into one of Brussels’s most popular nightlife places.

6. Delirium

Delirium, there is hardly anything else that can better describe this bar. There’s something special about this bar, which I assure you. The name says it all – you can go delirious over beers here. It is one of the most prominent Belgian beer bars in Brussels, so if you love beer, you should visit this bar.

The atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming, the service is excellent, and your drink will not cost any more than anywhere else you could go. And the best part of this place is – it’s located in Brussels, where you can get back home just as quickly too!

7. Brewdog Brussels

Brewdog Brussels is a fantastic place for beer lovers. The Belgian-style beers are delicious and refreshing; you can taste their quality and freshness. If you want to get yourself some of those rare Belgian beers, Brewdog Brussels is one of the best places in town.

The environment at this bar is great, there’s a wide variety of music available on their sound system. And you’ll find people of all ages coming here and being merry whenever they want to be. The staff is friendly and helpful and will ensure you have a great time at Brewdog.

8. L’Ermitage

So, you want to check out Brussels’ craft beer scene without having to trek too far away from the city center? Great idea. If you are looking for a place to have a beer in the company of other people and some live music – then L’Ermitage is going to do the trick.

L’Ermitage is a hop-forward brewery in Brussels’ trendy Grands Boulevards neighborhood. It’s run by a trio of co-founders dissatisfied with the “homogeneous selection of beers”. So, they decided to put their money together to open their brewery. They collected over one million euros in funding through Kickstarter and are now hoping to foster more interest in Belgian beer. So, you must give this place a try!

9. Poechenellekelder

Poechenellekelder is a bar unlike any other. Located in the city’s oldest neighborhood and decorated with old, theatrical puppets. The bar is located on the main strip of Brussels, close to Grand Place. The area has become a hotspot for tourists and locals alike, who enjoy their beers and companionship.

Have you ever been to Poechenellekelder? If not, it’s time to go there. This bar is a must-visit for all passionate about Belgian beer and beret-wearing people. You will have a great time while you drink at this place, with its unique concept without the need to travel further than just your doorstep!

10. Brussels Beer Project

One of the most famous & exciting beer bars for enjoying a wide variety of beers in Brussels. It resembles an innovative bar with the traditional touch of a brewery. More than 15 varieties of beer make it more exciting for visitors who want to enjoy new flavored beers.

You can join their food beer pairing sessions or enjoy dinner and music with beer sessions. It is the perfect place to bring your partner to on special nights. They always offer you a new kind of beer every few months to satisfy the thirst of visitors for new flavors.

Final Takeaway

Of all the European cities, Brussels is undoubtedly one of the best places if you are a beer lover. This beautiful city can offer you everything that you have ever enjoyed before and more. Although you love beer products or want to give someone, particularly, a beer surprise gift set, then we suggest paying a visit to goodbear.be.

The country is small but has some of the world’s most awesome craft beer bars. You can take your pick from many different kinds of beer and then go into any of these bars. They feature beers from other breweries only to match your mood! We hope you will visit these places.


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