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Beyond the Trappist: 10 Best Nightlife Spots for Brussels’ Beer Lovers

Brussels, the beating heart of Belgium, is a haven for beer aficionados. While iconic Trappist breweries like Chimay and Westvleteren are legendary, the city’s nightlife offers much more than just monastic brews. From hidden gems serving artisanal wonders to lively pubs bustling with local chatter, Brussels caters to every beer lover’s palate and personality. So, ditch the tourist traps and raise a glass with the locals at these 10 phenomenal spots.

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Beer spa Brussels
Beer spa Brussels

1. Moeder Lambic Fontainas: Immerse yourself in the lambic tradition at this iconic bar. Housed in a former brewery, Moeder Lambic boasts over 400 lambics and gueuzes, some aged for decades. Prepare to be surprised by the sour, funky flavors and engage in lively discussions with knowledgeable bartenders.

2. Poechenellekelder: Venture down a hidden alleyway and discover this atmospheric cellar bar. Poechenellekelder’s charm lies in its dimly lit interior, friendly staff, and impressive selection of over 800 beers, including rare finds and local favorites. Be sure to try their house beer, brewed especially for this historic gem.

3. La Porte Noire: Step back in time at this 16th-century cellar bar. La Porte Noire exudes a medieval ambiance with its vaulted ceilings and stone walls. Enjoy live music on select nights while savoring over 100 beers, including their house brew, “La Cuvée de la Senne.”

4. Delirium Village: Dive into a beer paradise at Delirium Village. This vibrant complex houses the Delirium Café, renowned for its Guinness World Record of over 2,000 beers, and several other bars with diverse selections. Prepare for a sensory overload with quirky décor, enthusiastic staff, and a guaranteed good time.

5. Brasserie Cantillon: Experience the lambic brewing process firsthand at this historic brewery. Guided tours offer a glimpse into the traditional methods and a chance to taste their renowned lambics straight from the source. Reservations are essential, so plan ahead for this unique opportunity.

6. Café À la Mort Subite: Don’t be scared by the name! This lively, old-fashioned café is a Brussels institution. Renowned for their house brew, “Mort Subite Gueuze,” with its signature cherry taste, it’s a must-visit for any beer lover seeking a classic Brussels experience.

7. Bier Circus: Unleash your inner child at this playful bar. Bier Circus boasts a rotating selection of 30 draft beers, all served through self-service taps. With giant board games, a relaxed atmosphere, and a focus on local brews, it’s perfect for a fun night out with friends.

8. Zythos Beer Café: Delve into Belgian brewing history at Zythos. This cozy bar features over 300 bottled beers, many from small, independent breweries. Friendly staff and an intimate atmosphere make it ideal for discovering hidden gems and learning about Belgian brewing traditions.

9. Brussels Beer Project: Embrace innovation at Brussels Beer Project. This modern microbrewery offers a constantly evolving selection of their own creations, often using unique ingredients and experimental brewing techniques. Join a brewery tour or simply sample their latest concoctions at their vibrant taproom.

10. La Pharmacie: Don’t let the name fool you – La Pharmacie is no ordinary drugstore. This quirky bar offers a unique concept: “beer prescriptions” based on your taste preferences. With knowledgeable staff and an extensive selection, it’s a fun and personalized way to explore the world of Belgian beers.

Bonus Tip: While exploring these incredible spots, remember to respect local drinking etiquette. Opt for smaller quantities and savor the flavors, avoiding excessive consumption. Cheers to a memorable and responsible beer adventure in Brussels!

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