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Come and take a relaxing bubble bath in our original beer baths! Alone, with your partner and/or friends. From 1 up to 18 people.


The Beer Spa experience

A Beer Spa experience is 45 minutes of pure relaxation! A healthy herbal bath combined with delicious Belgian beer is refreshing, relieves stress and improves your mood.

From the tap on the side of your bath you can, while bathing, tap as much beer as you want. We chose the Belgian Baptist beer from Brouwerij Van Steenberghe. A very tasty beer that completes your beer spa experience!

At the Good Beer Spa there are 2 rooms available, each with 3 ofuros, up to 3 people can fit in each bath, so you can book up to 9 people per room per booking. Book for you alone or with your partner then you reserve at once the entire room, so privacy is 100% guaranteed!

As we have two rooms available, you can book up to 18 people in both rooms.

Your room is always private during your session, and the beer on tap is unlimited!

A session lasts 1 hour: 5 minutes to welcome you into the room and explain, 50 minutes to enjoy the bath and 5 minutes to get dressed again.

Good Beer Spa Wellness experience
Good Beer spa baths -Japanese Ofuro as Bierspa
The Bath Tubs

Ofuros are baths of Japanese origin. Each bath has 2 benches and can accommodate 3 people sitting upright. They have a length of 1.90 m and are 1 m wide.

Hygiene and cleanliness are top priorities in our beer spa, so only the outside is made of wood and the inside is synthetic. This way we can clean the baths perfectly, before and after every session!

For an extra relaxing beer spa experience, there is also air massage in the ofuro.

The beer

Thanks to our partner Brouwerij Van Steenberge we can offer a fantastic beer during your beer wellness: Baptist! It got its name from the original founder of the brewery in 1784.

This blond and clear top-fermented beer is slightly bitter, full-bodied with a soft aftertaste and 5% alc.vol.. Ideal for bathing and unlimited tapping! The beer won a silver medal at the World Beer Challenge 2019!

Bierspa is filled with warm water and a mix of 2l beer, hops, brewer's yeast, malt and water
Beer spa filled with beer?

A bubble bath filled with only beer would be much too cold (6°C) and with a volume of 700l make the beer treatment 10x more expensive.

The bath is filled with warm water, to which we add a mix of beer (+/- 2l) and the main ingredients of beer: malt, hops, brewer’s yeast and water.

Since these ingredients contain a high concentration of vitamins (especially B), minerals and essential oils, they benefit your skin and hair.

By adding extra natural, aromatic ingredients, the water has a wonderful herbal scent, so you can smell great after the session!

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