You are probably wondering: what good is bathing in beer? Well, let us enlighting you summing up the different benefits of a beer spa.

A beer spa ensures a smooth and soft skin.

A beer spa relaxes your muscles and detoxifies your body.

Active enzymes and vitamin B from the beer give your skin and hair a boost.

A beer bath has a positive effect on your nervous system and blood circulation.

The carbonation acid of the beer accelerates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.

The high siliceous content of hops helps to open up the pores.

We recommend not to rinse after a beer bath and let it soak in your skin for at least 12 hours, optimizing the benefits of a beer spa.

For the very best result, take a beer bath at least once a month.

Last but not least, among the many benefits of a beer spa, here’s the metaphysical one: it is good for your state of mind. You will laugh and everyone will be happy about pouring your own beer straight from the tap in your beer bath!