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A beer spa will leave your skin smooth and soft and give your hair extra shine.
Active enzymes and vitamin B give your skin and hair a boost.

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A beer spa relaxes your muscles and detoxifies your body. The high silicon content of hops helps open pores.

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Inner Body

A beer bath has a positive effect on your nervous system and blood circulation. The carbon dioxide from the beer speeds up blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.

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Optimize effect

We recommend rinsing after a beer bath and letting it soak into your skin for at least 12 hours, this optimizes the benefits of a beer spa.

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Come Back & Shop

Take a beer bath at least once a month for the very best results.
In our shop we also have numerous beer-based products!

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Last But Not Least

It is good for your mood.
You'll be smiling and everyone will be happy to tap their beer straight from the tap in the beer bath!

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What makes beer bathing so healthy?

What are the benefits of a beer spa?

Taking a beer bath is good for both body and mind.

Just like a regular spa or bubble bath, a Beer Spa is very relaxing, but because of the beer ingredients such as malt, hops, barley and brewer’s yeast, you also get an extra boost for your entire body, both internally and for skin and hair!

Boost for body&spirit!

Treat yourself, your partner or your friends to this exclusive Bierpsa wellness!