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Our capital, Brussels, hides a lot of hidden gems. From time to time you want to do something out of the ordinary. Even if we love our usual museums sometimes we like to spice things up. Here’s a list of ‘Best activities to do in Brussels’ from another angle. This is an entry in the series ‘Things to do in Brussels’. See also ‘Things to do in Brussels as a beer lover‘.

1. The Good Beer Spa – best spa experience in Brussels

What better way to end the day (or start the day) than laying in a huge tub filled with hot water and active ingredients, but not any ingredients? We are talking about the main ingredients you can find in beer, those ingredients have many benefits and they will leave your skin and your hair feeling soft and shiny. Add free beer to your session on top of that and you have got the perfect combo. Now sit back, relax and enjoy.

Where? Rue Scailquin  43/00, 1210 Brussels
Contact: 02 256 85 74
Book your beerspa: https://goodbeerspa.com/

2. L’Aegedium

The Aegedium is a hidden gem, you will be astonished by its neoclassic architecture. The place was famous for its parties at the beginning of the 20th century. Many events were taking place there until the beginning of the eighties. If you’re an urbex amateur you will probably love this place.

Where? Parv. de Saint-Gilles 18, 1060 Saint-Gilles
Book Now: https://shop.utick.net/?pos=LESVISITESDEMONVOISIN&module=CATALOGUE

3. Sewer Museum

On the third place in our list ‘Best Activities to do in Brussels’, this pretty uncommon museum. Come and discover the story behind these underground labyrinths.

Where? Porte d’Anderlecht 1000 Brussels
Book Now: https://sewermuseum.brussels/en/accueil-english/

4. La Friture René, the best friet experience

Brussels is full of amazing cosmopolitan restaurants due to its diversity but Brussels also means that you NEED to try real Belgian fries. What better way to try them than as a real local at “La Friture René”, this restaurant offers typical Belgian cuisine that will satisfy all taste buds: mussels, steak tartare, and of course, fries.

Where? Place de la Résistance 14, 1070 Anderlecht
Book Now: 02 253 28 76

5. Marché aux puces des Marolles

The popular Marolle area is well known for its flea market on the “Place du Jeu de Balles”. It takes place every day from 8:00 am to 02:00 pm, you will have plenty of time to hunt and find the perfect little gift to take back home.

Where? Place du Jeu de Balle, 1000 Bruxelles

6. Comics art Museum

Another museum you’ll say, but the Comics Art Museum will bring you to the wonderful world of Comics through its permanent exhibition and its diversified temporary exhibitions. You’ll rediscover comic heroes like the Smurf but also less-known comics. A museum made for everyone, kids and adults with original comic strips, projections, games, and 3D reconstitutions!

Where? Rue des Sables 20 1000 Brussels
Contact: +32 (0)2 219 19 80
Book Now: https://www.comicscenter.net/en/home

7. Escape room Brussels

This entertainment game is a very fun activity to do with your friends or your family. Put your reflection and your senses of observation at work in order to find the elements that will allow you to escape the room. Be ready, you’ve got 60 minutes to get out!

Where? Rue Saint-Jean 37, 1000 Bruxelles
Contact: +32 (0)2 828 14 00
Book Now: https://60minutes.be/en

8. A walk in “Bois de la Cambre”

Want to take some fresh air? Relax and see a bit of a nature? Then a walk in the “Bois de la Cambre” is what you need. This park feels more like a wood. You’ll be able to enjoy a picnic, to sunbath during the hots days, to roller skate or to take a small boat on the lake to the Chalet Robinson.

Where? Bois de la Cambre
Book Pedaloes: http://chaletrobinson.be/

9. WoodCutter, the best Viking experience

What better way to release your stress than to throw axes at wooden targets whilst enjoying your drink at the same time? Not that common right? Well we can promise that you won’t forget that moment, that’s for sure.

Where? Rue des Alexiens 37, 1000 Bruxelles
Contact: +32 2 735 31 85
Book now: https://www.woodcutter.be/book-now


10. La Grand Place

Well we have to close this grand tour with a must and that’s the “Grand Place”, considered as one of the most beautiful square in the world you can’t come to Brussels without seeing this beautiful landmark and its beautiful architecture.

Brussels crowded central square, Grand Place (Grote Markt), UNESCO world heritage and major tourist destination.

We hope you enjoyed this ‘Best Activities to do in Brussels’!


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