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It is not only the capital of Belgium, but also of the European Union. With its rich history and culture, it appeals to tourists all over the world.

Are you looking for a place with great beer experiences? Then Brussels is the perfect place for you!

We take you through the best beer moments in Brussels.

1: The Brussels Beer Museum

The Brussels Beer Museum is a place that offers a unique experience. This is not only a museum where you can feel the history of beer, but also a brewery!

For more than 25 years you can visit the museum for a tour. Every year the museum is visited by people from all over the world!

2: Brussels Beer Bus

Sightseeing and unique Brussels beers. What else do you want?! Join the authentic beer bus and discover the highlights of Brussels, from the old part to the modern EU part of the city.

In the meantime, taste no less than 3 beers brewed in Brussels

Which beer moments in Brussels are your favourites?
Let us know under this post!

3: Beer Spa from GoodBeerSpa

A unique experience that you can experience with your friends and/or family. Enjoy the wellness side of beer and relax in one of the luxurious hot tubs filled with the freshest ingredients from beer. A Bier Spa is cozy and relaxes the body while you enjoy a delicious ‘Baptist’ from the Steenberghe brewery.

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4: The Beer & Chocolate tour

A combination that will surprise you! With locals, discover locally produced products that are all unique and surprising. The tour includes all the goodies and they explain every aspect of the process in detail.

5: Brewery and Brussels Museum of the Geuze

A family brewery where various beers have been brewed since 1900. You will find beers such as Kriek, Faro, Geuze and Lambik. Authentic, pure, and craftsmanship, that is how you can best describe this brewery. While walking around and seeing beer barrels that are more than 100 years old, you realize that this is the experience for every beer lover!

6: Delirium cafe

This is one of the best-known beer bars in Brussels and offers more than 1500 beers from all over the world, including some rare beers that are not available anywhere else. The bar also has a restaurant serving traditional Belgian dishes and the most delicious desserts.

Planning a day in Brussels and a beer fan? Organize your day with one of these top 6 beer moments in Brussels and live a unique experience.


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