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Beer is delicious! But, did you know that beer contains several types of antioxidants? It’s true! The nourishing minerals and vitamins found in beer tighten skin. And, reduce wrinkles and other signs of ageing. At the Good Beer Spa, you can take advantage of all the great cosmetic benefits. Take a soak in one of our tubs filled with the main ingredients found in beer.

Beer Spa at Good Beer Spa

Beer has a long history of use as a natural skin treatment. The unique qualities of beer make it an excellent option for bathing. Natural ingredients like hops and malts are beneficial to your health. Active enzymes and vitamin B content in beer also improve blood circulation. It detoxifies the body.

The aroma of beer will soothe your body and clear your mind. The aromas of hops, citrus, and lavender can make your hair soft and shiny. As you relax, the scents of these ingredients can also improve the blood circulation in your body. And increase your energy levels. As you bathe in a beer spa, you’ll feel better, with a sense of relaxation and well being that can last for a long time. Continue reading to discover the unique qualities of each key ingredient.

1. Cosmetic Benefits of Malted Barley and Oats For the Skin

If you’re a beer lover, you’ve heard of the many cosmetic benefits of malt for the skin. Barley water is a powerful cleanser that helps flush toxins from the body. Barley is also rich in selenium. Which helps preserve skin elasticity and protect the body from free radical damage. Barley is also an excellent source of antioxidants. Known to decelerate the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Extracts derived from malted Barley are often touted as a potent anti-aging ingredient. Its 100 percent natural composition means that it is safe for use in all skincare products. The ingredient is an environmentally-friendly ingredient.

Besides the benefits, Barley has for the skin. Barley also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Barley contains compounds, which unclogs pores and helps the skin heal. Its zinc content makes it a valuable ingredient for wound treatment and skin healing. And the benefits of Barley for the skin do not stop there.

2. Hops Benefits For Skin

Hops have been part of the process of making beer for centuries. Various compounds found in hops are particularly useful for promoting healthy skin. The elements found within the plant are particularly useful for cosmetic products.

Although the exact mechanism of hops is still unknown, the chemicals in hops Although the exact mechanism of hops is still unknown. The chemicals in hops may have beneficial effects on the body. The ingredients in hops have a mild sedative effect. Also known to reduce central nervous activity. While it may have a soft impact, there is no strong evidence of its efficacy on body odor. Hops also have antibacterial properties. Researchers found that hop extract could fight bacteria like Staph aureus.

Hops can also promote connective tissue production by blocking MMP9. a Hops can also promote connective tissue production by reducing MMP9. This compound responsible for the degeneration of connective tissue. Many preparations of hop cones are natural sedatives and sleep aids. As a bonus, hop blossoms are also used for aromatherapy.

The benefits of hops are many. The essential oil from hops is also useful for soothing and calming the nervous system. It can help reduce anxiety and soothe menstrual cramps. Aside from helping you relax, hops can also reduce skin inflammation.

3. Cosmetic Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast For Skin

You’ll learn that you can use brewer’s yeast to improve your skin and hair! One of the many cosmetic benefits of brewer’s yeast for your skin is its moisturizing ability. Apart from improving your complexion. Brewer’s yeast is also beneficial in curing healing infections.

Yeast and malt in beer contain various vitamins and minerals. As such, they help the body repair itself. It also helps treat dandruff, reduces acne, and restores the skin’s natural glow. It is also an excellent cleanser and helps dissolve dead skin cells. Likewise, they rejuvenate the skin pH balance

This ingredient contains high amounts of vitamin B, which helps prevent skin aging. Vitamin B5 prevents skin from losing water, which results in glowing skin. It also contains vitamin B12. These two ingredients will give you healthy, radiant skin.

In Conclusion

Aside from its antibacterial and anti fungal properties, beer has other benefits. It contains silicon, selenium, biotin, and potassium, which help your skin regenerate. As a bonus, beer is an excellent source of antibacterial properties. As such, it fights bacteria growth and fights oxidative stress, and other skin problems.

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