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Below are all the answers to frequently asked questions about the Beer Spa and Good Beer Spa:

Frequently asked questions about how we work at Good beer Spa?
Frequently asked questions about the beer spa?
What can you expect from our exclusive wellness?

Frequently asked questions about the beer spa:

What time should we arrive before the event?

We ask participants to arrive at the beer spa at least 5 minutes before the start of the event. Coming by car, keep in account lots of heavy traffic around the Good Beer Spa. The closes parking is Parking Spectrum Indigo, Pt Rue de N 6, 1000 Bruxelles.

How long does the procedure last?

A session lasts 1 hour, including 5 minutes introduction and 10 minutes to get changed.

What should we bring with us?

We provide towels for your session. We ask you to bring slippers, as they are mandatory in the spa. They are for sale as well in the spa.
You can bring your own swimming suits with you, but as your room is private they are not mandatory.
We recommend darker colors because yellow and white can show traces of hops after the first wash.

Is beer consumption unlimited?

Yes, beer consumption within the spa is unlimited during your event. Guests serve themselves and pour their own draft beer ‘Baptist’.

I want to make a reservation for a group of people, is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. We can make a reservation for up to 16 people. You can book up to 9 people in one room in 3 tubs. With both rooms occupied at the same time, you can book up to 18 people online.

What does the price include?

Included in the price is 1 hour of relaxation in our exclusive beer-based mix. During your session, you have unlimited access to draft beer next to your bathtub.

Can we bring and consume our own drink/food?

We do not provide any alcoholic beverage other than the beer you’ll find on tap.
Should you like something else you can just bring it. We do not provide any other type of glasses besides Baptist’s beer glasses.

Are we really bathing in beer?

Yes and no. The bathtub is filled with warm water, hops, malt and beer yeast, and some beer.
If you would soak in raw beer, then the temperature of the bath would be around 6 °C and it wouldn’t be comfortable for you. With a capacity of about 700 liters in a beer bath, the price of a beer treatment would be approximately 10 times as much.

What are the benefits of a beer spa?

You can find out about the benefits of a beer spa here.

What is the temperature of the beer bath?

The beer bath temperature is 38 °C.

Will I smell of beer after the session?

You will not come out intoxicated or smelling like beer. In fact, you will have this very pleasant aroma afterward because of the hops.

Can we take pictures or videos when having the event?

Yes, you can. The more you share on social media, the better we like it 🙂

Is a beer spa suitable for all ages?

The spa is suitable for anyone of any age. Due to alcohol consumption, we recommend a minimum age of 16 years, but you can bring children with you assuming they do not drink beer (alcohol).

Is the spa suitable for pregnant women?

The spa is suitable for pregnant women only until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. But to be sure, we recommend consulting with your attending doctor before your visit. It needs no explanation that pregnant women should not consume alcohol.

Can we get our money back?

Please see the section ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Will anyone else join our treatment?

We guarantee 100 % privacy, which means that during your treatment there will be no one else except you. Our staff will only enter your private room after you ring the bell. Full privacy is our biggest asset/motto.

Can I book more than one hour?

Yes, the procedure is adapted to this. You can book up to 3 hours, with 5 percent off the total.

Why book more than one hour?

Our standard session includes a 5-minute introduction, 45 minutes in the bath, and 10 minutes to change. We often get the comment that the hour is over. You are relaxed, you are with friends or your partner, you drink a beer…. With 2 hours you effectively get 2 hours in the bath, with 3 hours also 3 hours effective.

What about massages?

We do not provide massages for now.

We are a business and would like to pay upon receiving the invoice. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. Please contact us by email to further discuss this.

I have a gift card, how do I book?

Select the date, the hour, and the formula (pers/baths) and click Book Now. In the ‘COUPON-CODE’ field on the next page, you fill out the code from the gift voucher.

I have a coupon code from SurpriseFactory, how do I use it?

In that case you’ll have to send us your SupriseFactory coupon with the order to make your reservation valid. As long as we didn’t receive your SurpriseFactory voucher, your booking will stay on ‘On-Hold’ and will not be confirmed!

I have a coupon code from Groupon, how do I use it?

You enter the code ‘GROUPON’ when making the reservation. After completing the reservation, you send us the QR-code to validate your request. We confirm your booking by email.

Do you have recommendations for hotels or other activities?

Yes, you can find it here.

I have another question!

We will be happy to answer all your further questions here: contact