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So you are wondering: how does a beer spa work? If you are looking for an original and unique outing with friends, the beer spa of Good Beer Spa is a perfect choice.

An afternoon with fun, delicious beers and a bath full of healthy ingredients that make your skin glow.

Before you start this adventure, you want to know what to expect. In this blog, you can read what awaits you and how you can fully enjoy the experience you will have at Good Beer Spa.

1] Choose your moment

Have you decided that you want to enjoy this special beer experience with your friends or family? Super cool!

Because our Beer Spa areas are fully available to you, we would like to know when you want to come. You can easily in our online agenda reserve a spot.

2] The anticipation begins.

The day has come! If it is your first time coming, it is useful to go through the checklist.

  • Slippers are mandatory, put them in your bag or buy them from us. (then you have a memento of the fun experience 😉
  • Agree with your bathmates whether swimwear will be worn or not. The space is private and the Good Beer Spa staff will only enter on request, so swimwear is not required.
  • Remember that white and yellow swimwear can discolor, so we recommend that you wear dark swimwear wear.
  • We are happy to explain everything to you in advance so that you can fully enjoy the experience. So come on time, preferably 15 minutes before the reserved time.

3] Let’s meet 

You will immediately be in the right mood when the delicious smell of the Bier Spa meets you when you step inside. 

Our specialist explains how everything works and shows you what you are going to bathe in.

4] Relaxing time

After the nice introduction, the beautiful Japanese ofuros (the baths) are ready for you and it is time to relax. 

You can change and when everything is explained, the Good Beer Spa specialist will leave the room and the Beer Spa adventure will begin. 

Taste the delicious draft beer ‘Baptist’ from the Steenberge brewery and enjoy the warm scented water.

5] Reminisce!

When the Bier Spa time is almost over, one of the employees will give a signal and you can shower and change.

In the shop, you can buy the ingredients to relive the entire experience at home.

Good Beer Spa offers a unique experience for any group of friends who love beer, who want beautiful skin, and above all want to have a unique experience!
Do you want to be sure of a place for you and your friends or family? Book here simply a time.

We hope this answered your question ‘How does a beer spa work‘!


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