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You have a great day trip ahead of you and are all set! You will experience the unique beer spa with us in Brussels for the first time. Then it is good to read on.


In this blog, we take you through the preparation. In addition, we also give you some practical tips and some anticipation 😉

After the reservation

Full of enthusiasm you tell your friends or family that the reservation has been successful and that the day is planned. An afternoon dedicated to relaxing and the delicious beer ‘de Baptist’. Before coming to Brussels for the unique Bier Spa, it is good to discuss a few things with the people you are going with.

Who is “Bob”?

Although our beer is difficult to resist, someone may still need to be able to drive the car. So safe! Agree in advance on who the “BOB” is and bring a nice juice for him/her. At GoodBeerSpa you can. Bring your own goodies so that the bob goes home saturated and satisfied

Are you #bob say it out loud.

Bikini, Yeah or Nah?

At our beer spa in Brussels, after the short introduction by our Spa specialist, you have complete privacy during the rest of the session.

The entire space is reserved for you and we will not disturb you while you are enjoying yourself.

Agree with each other whether you will put on the nicest or craziest swimwear or whether you will enjoy the Adam’s and Eve’s.

(note that white swimwear could discolor)

The day of your unique Beer Spa

YEAH! The day has finally come, can you smell the beer already? Before you ring the bell at our location, it is useful to do a number of things.

Bring the well-filled bag

Make sure you have at least packed this: Bath towel, clean clothes, slippers, snacks and of course a soft drink for Bob.

Make sure not to have an empty stomach

Remember that time when you had a night out with friends but didn’t have time to eat? Of course, you had already forgotten when you were laughing and screaming and you had already had a few beers in the meantime. Like this!

Earlier we wrote about the nicest and tastiest breakfast hotspots in Brussels. Make sure you arrive with a well-filled stomach, then you can enjoy the delicious beer spa even more.

With these tips, you are assured of a wonderful day, a unique moment of enjoyment for you and your friends.

Have you been and prepared in a different way? We’d love to read your tips in the comments.


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