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The best private spas in Belgium.

Best private spas in Belgium


Spa holidays in Belgium are popular for many reasons. The country offers a wide variety of private spa experiences, ranging from traditional treatments to wellness programs that focus on relaxation and stress reduction.


A truly unique experience in relaxation and skin care. The ingredients hops, brewer’s yeast, and malts are added to your jacuzzi filled with fresh water. They have a superb effect on the skin. Your session is in a private room, and you have a private beer tap next to your jacuzzi. To enjoy the jacuzzi and its ingredients to the fullest, a session of 2 hours is recommended. Nice to know: they produce their own beer cosmetics for sale in the shop.

Best private beer spa in Belgium

‘ In our busy, hectic society we increasingly need relaxation. ”We want to get away from the daily tasks. Rediscover the ultimate tranquility at Maison d’o. We take you to another world where relaxation and enjoyment are central… .

MAISON D’O is a private wellness located in Keiem (Diksmuide) 5 minutes from the exit Middelkerke on the A10. The wellness complex, in a modern architecture, consists of a sauna, steam bath with aromatherapy, infrared wall and shower line, and a relaxation and cuddle room. Outside in the garden, you will find a jacuzzi and relaxation lounge. Adjusted music and lighting bring extra atmosphere.


Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our spa formulas have been designed to allow you to spend a moment out of time. During a 4-hour relaxation evening, you will combine the benefits of a harmonizing massage with a moment of pure relaxation in a space reserved exclusively for you.

The jacuzzi will provide you with optimal relaxation. The benefits of jet massages will boost your blood circulation, free you from your stress, recharge your batteries and get you back in shape.

The hammam with eucalyptus essences will bring you oriental well-being thanks to its many virtues. It will help you eliminate your toxins thanks to its hot steam; will purify your skin and relax all the muscles of your body.

The sauna will allow you to de-stress and soothe yourself.

Cinq Mondes’ expertise is based on the world’s traditional medicines and their ancestral know-how to meet contemporary expectations of beauty and well-being. The Cinq Mondes Spa at Dolce La Hulpe offers a sensory tour of the world inviting you to let go in the heart of the Sonian Forest.

  • Conclusion

Looking for the best private spas in Belgium is not hard. The country is rich in spas offering all kinds of treatments for the body and skin. Some of these spas offer something unique and are therefore among the best spas in Belgium. We hope you found this list useful!

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