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Are you a little last minute with your gifts this year? No problem! We at Good Beer Spa have arranged this for you. Giving a Beer Spa Wellness gift has never been so much fun!

Cozy lights, delicious food, gifts, and a good time with family and friends. That’s what Christmas is all about every year. A time full of love and enjoying the beautiful and fine things. How nice is it to surprise your beloved partner, brother, father, or friend with a unique experience, a Beer Spa Wellness in Brussels? And then of course you have to be at the Good Beer Spa!

A unique and tasteful gift

The BeerSpa of Good Beer Spa is a great experience for everyone. A real beer lover won’t believe his happiness. Is there a real wine lover in the group, no worries. Take a bottle with you and enjoy the wonderful benefits that the wellness of a beer spa offers you.

For an hour you imagine yourself in the world of wellness and beer, you enjoy the company and you are tasting a delicious Belgian beer. At Good Beer Spa we go for the quality. That is why you love to pour the ‘Baptist‘ from the Steenberghe brewery into your glass. And that as much as you want during the Beer Spa session!

If this isn’t the perfect gift for 2021…

As big or small as you want

Even if it is a small gift for your father-in-law who has only known you for 2 weeks or a more extensive gift for your brother who is also your best friend.

With the gift voucher for our beer spa wellness, you give your gift, no matter how you want it. Various choices are available for you, but you can also choose an amount yourself that you want to give.

Do you choose 1, 2 or even maybe 6 people? 2 people fit in each bath.

Beer Spa gift card
Beer Spa gift card

Personalized, to make the magic extra.

Whether you believe in Christmas magic or not, there is always something special in the air this time of year.

We help you to give the gift a personal touch. You write a beautiful wish or message for your loved one. We ensure that this is nicely visible on the gift voucher. The gift voucher for the beer spa will then be sent to you by email in PDF format. So you can print it whenever you want.

Tears will not be excluded!

You still have time to order your Beer spa voucher, you can do it easily via our website.

Click on the link below or navigate to gift voucher via the menu bar.

Yes, what a nice gift!

We would like to see your loved one, perhaps with you, soon in our cozy and warm Beer Spa.


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