Room 2 Beer Spa 1 Hour @ GoodBeer Spa

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Two couples in Good Beer Spa Brussels
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Order your session at our beer spa for 1 hour in a private room.

Indulge yourself for 1 hour in our beer spa ofuro equipped with air jets and a beer tap next to the tub.

An ofuro measures 1.90 m long, 1.20 m wide, and 1 meter high: more than enough space!

You and your partner and/or friends can enjoy the relaxing effect of 37° C water, mixed with beer, hops, brewer’s yeast, and other natural ingredients.

The effects on the skin, the muscles, and the body are soothing and beneficial.

You have an entire room to yourself, so your privacy is guaranteed!

The Good Beer Spa has two private spa rooms, so you can book for up to 18 people at once.

Sharing a beer bath is a truly unique way to experience beer!

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